Family Therapy

Family Counseling

  • Does it feel like the more you try to help, the worse things get in your family?
  • Does it seem like everyone in your family is always arguing?
  • Do you feel disrespected and unappreciated as a family member?
  • Is your child in treatment or have you considered treatment for your child’s addiction, mental health, or behavioral issues?

Families are often the source of so much joy in our lives, but they can also be the source of many challenges and difficulties. If you find yourself with more challenges than joy these days, perhaps family counseling is for you.

Children of all ages can present challenges to parents. Specifically, with teenagers or young adults, families are in one of the most challenging developmental periods of their life cycle. Children test limits and boundaries and push away. While parents know deep down that they need to let go, it isn’t easy. Communication can break down, expectations start to change, and freedom and responsibility fight against each other.

Add drug use or addiction, depression, anxiety and/or ADHD to the mix and things get even more challenging. Many parents need help and guidance making it through to the other side of this period. I start from the foundational belief that families are a system, which means that not only do all members interact with one another, they also influence one another. When parents take the steps to make personal changes in their lives, they will change how they interact with their children as well. That is good news for parents who want their child to be on a path back to mental health, freedom from addiction and reintegration into a functional lifestyle.

I have been providing education, support and counseling for parents dealing with these challenging issues since 2005. I have helped hundreds of parents get to a place where their home can be more peaceful and loving.

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