Karen Knab

Karen Knab

Executive Leadership Coach

Navigating Conflict and Fostering a
Productive Work Environment

Navigating Conflict and Fostering a
Productive Work Environment

How do you handle conflict
at your company?

If you are a business owner or executive, and don’t have a great answer to this question, keep reading...

Workplace friction

It results in firings and quittings, leads to increased recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding — and absolutely costs your company in both money and time.

Additionally, unresolved conflicts can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and even hostility among employees, and can cause reputational damage or even legal action.

Ultimately, the cost of ignoring workplace conflict can be significant in terms of time, money, and the well-being of your employees and your organization.

Many leaders see these outcomes as a cost of doing business.

Karen Knab

But what if that workplace friction could be virtually eliminated?

I offer a fresh and innovative approach to executive and team coaching. I focus on transforming conflict into a productive and positive dynamic, leading to a thriving and more successful work environment.

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The Cost of Conflict

Despite its negative impact on businesses, addressing conflict in the workplace happens far less often than it should. A comprehensive study from 2021 revealed that conflict caused by poor communication costs businesses a staggering $1.2 trillion annually. This study also found that nearly 20% of an employee's work week was spent dealing with issues such as resolving unclear communication and following up on requests. Furthermore, 72% of leaders acknowledged that their team struggled to communicate effectively. Put simply, the cost of conflict in the workplace can add up quickly.

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  • $1.2 trillion
    Annual Losses to Businesses
  • $12,500 per year, per employee
  • $600,000 per year with 50 employees
  • $6,000,000 per year with 500 employees

Don’t let poor communication and unresolved conflict cost your business.

Contact me today to learn how my coaching can help you create a more positive and productive workplace.

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  • Kevin Lyons

    “If you are an executive — regardless of the size of your business, number of people you manage, or industry — you need to work with Karen. She uses her experience as a leadership and relationship coach to break down any walls you may have had or thought about coaching.”

    Kevin Lyons
  • Baron Lam

    “I started working with Karen as a Leadership Coach through a friend's recommendation. Without any previous experience in these situations, I wasn't sure what to expect but I went into the sessions with an open mind. Karen's friendly and open personality made her very easy to talk to.”

    Baron Lam
    Managing Director, Blue Sky Commerce
  • Ratul Sengupta

    “I was introduced to Karen through a friend, during a challenging time in my professional life. Karen has an intuitive approach that helps contrast ones own strength's and weaknesses within the environment you're discussing. She has a unique ability to assist you with identifying aspects that you can control, and come to terms with those that you cannot.”

    Ratul Sengupta
    Chief Revenue & Solutions Officer
  • Andrew Stansberry

    “Despite having a masters degree founded in servant leadership, I knew that I didn't always trust myself as a leader. Karen quickly proved her value by being a great sounding board, and helped validate my reactions to situations and expectations. Through her leadership coaching, I have been able to interpret situations more accurately, and thereby take effective actions rather than avoiding them.”

    Andrew Stansberry
    Managing Partner, Stansberry and Knight