Individual Coaching
for C-level Leaders

A collaborative process that helps you enhance your leadership skills, overcome challenges, and achieve your professional and personal goals

Team Leadership Coaching
for Executive Teams

A collaborative process that helps your team improve its communication, leadership skills, and decision-making abilities to achieve your organizational goals


Foster a calm work environment

  • Deal with conflict in a timely and productive manner
  • Minimize office politics
  • Reduce employee turnover

Improve your

  • Reduce miscommunication
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost revenue

Gain greater clarity
and focus

  • Identify blind spots
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses in yourself and your organization
  • Make high quality decisions

Expand your

  • Anticipate issues and become a better predictor of outcomes
  • Minimize surprises
  • Address any weak areas
  • Identify your role in conflicts

Uplevel your emotional intelligence

  • Express yourself effectively at work, at home, and in all your relationships
  • Develop greater confidence in interpersonal relationships

My Coaching Strategy

Laser-focused and Targeted

My approach is non-judgmental but direct when it comes to identifying blind spots. Getting to the root of the problem is the quickest way towards real solutions. To gain a comprehensive understanding of your company and its culture, I conduct a 360ยบ assessment and interview individuals who you lead and interact with regularly.

Flexible and Co-creative

We work together to create the best possible experience for you. Once we identify your objectives and key results, we will continuously review your progress and adjust the process as needed. No minimum or maximum time commitment.


We regularly track your progress towards achieving your desired outcomes. Coaching is ultimately about change - doing less of the things that hold you back, and more of the things that move you forward. I adapt my coaching style to address any barriers that may be standing in your way.


Making changes in your professional life can have a positive impact on your life outside of work as well. Clients often report experiencing benefits such as improved sleep, enhanced mood, and reduced stress and anxiety. Additionally, many report less dependence on unhealthy behaviors, and increased motivation to adopt healthier habits.

If you are ready to start fostering a more productive work environment, let's talk today.

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